Not even sure if I spelled that right.
Sean called this morning, he'll be leaving for Tallahassee in a week and will be there for 3-4 weeks. They have a job that needs to be rushed and they're sending Sean and his team up there. He's hoping to still be home on the weekends. All depends on much of a rush job this really is and how far it is from here. Luckily, we don't have much going on during the weeks right now.


I don't use my MySpace page much anymore. In fact, today was the first time I was on it in a long time. So, I think it's that time…….to delete it. I had forgotten all about it until I got an email saying someone had left me a comment on it. I sent out a bulletin today telling everyone on my friends list that if I don't already keep in touch with them via email or online in general and they'd like to keep in touch, then email me. Otherwise….adios!

Meet the Robinsons…

Last week while at my parents, my mom and I took the kids to see this movie…we saw the 3D version and it was SO cute. The kids loved it. It had a really nice message as well. I love the song in it by Rob Thomas called Little Wonders. I bought it online last night. It reminds me of my kids. (Not to mention I love Rob Thomas too) ;)

The Gators….

they are having an AWESOME year so far for sports. And Tristan is loving every minute of it. He is a HUGE Gators fan. So, when he came across this site where he saw the words Gainesville for Sale he was in heaven. He now wants to move there. I did happen to notice that the site has it all. It has real estate listings, used car listings, merchandise and more. All of that didn't go unnoticed by Tristan either. The site was really easy to use too, my 9 year old browsed through it with ease.
It's funny because whenever we used to talk to Tristan about going away to college someday his answer would be: I”m never leaving home”. Now he can't wait to be an official Gator!
Here's a great press release about the site we found:
Gainesville4sale.com offers free classified ads for private sellers in the Gainesville and University of Florida area. In contrast with unmoderated sites like Craigslist, Gainesville4sale.com employs local editors to maintain quality control for its listings.
Gainesville4sale.com is part of USA4SALE Networks, Inc., which launched its first site in 1998. The company now has sites serving all of central Florida, including Ocala4sale.com, Orlando4sale.com, Jax4sale.com and Tampa4sale.com. The oldest and largest of the sites, Ocala4sale.com, logged 380,000 visitors in January and boasts a local inventory of more than 10,000 classifieds.
One seller, Matthew Warden, recently described his experience: “Thank you Gainesville4sale! My little dachshund was sold after the first e-mail I received. You guys rock!”

Our Easter weekend…

was alot of fun.
Saturday Kieran had his 1st swim lesson for his second session. And Sean said he swam without any help so he's slowly getting there. He bought him goggles too because he seems to swim alone better with them…he doesn't like getting his eyes wet. LOL After swimming Sean took Kieran to then get his haircut. While they were busy the other 2 kids and I cleaned our house for company coming that night. Tammy and family came around 6 and we had a great night with them. It was the 1st time since we've met that we've just hung out…just our 2 families alone. It was a nice, relaxing time.
Sunday the kids woke us up around 8am and they then ran around the den hunting for easter eggs. They didn't get much candy this year from the Easter bunny. Our Auntie Doris gave them enough from the Popcorn Factory. Sent a HUGE tin of popcorn, candy and such. So, from the Easter bunny the kids each got a boogie board for the beach, some clothes and 2 other little things. The Easter bunny did hide jelly beans and chocolate eggs in the eggs though. After doing all that and talking to family on the phone, we headed to the Lowry Park Zoo and had a blast. Renewed our yearly family passes so now we're set for another year too. Before we got there though I was crying….thinking this is Kieran's and my place and that in 6 months he'll be in school full time. I've got less then 2 months to take him there as much as possible.
After the zoo we went to Chili's for dinner and had a great meal. Got to use a GC Sean had gotten for his birthday as well. :)

I miss soccer….

I REALLY do. I miss the social part of it and I also miss watching it. I miss hanging and talking to the other parents. We made some really great, down to earth friends through Tristan's soccer team. I know we have plans with some of them (some set and some tentative) so I know we're keeping in touch with them, but I still just miss it. I can't wait for their soccer camp the week after school gets out. 3 hours a day for a week of kids learning soccer while mommy gets to socialize. LOL

Horoscope for April 11, 2007

I found this one part of my horoscope very interesting:
Horoscope for April 11, 2007
Today's Libra Horoscope
Although you are easily distracted these days, bring your feelings back to the immediate situation and deal with the reality of what's on your plate.

The Departed……

When you're a member of Columbia House, if you don't decline the director's selection it automatically gets sent to you and your credit card charged. That's what happened with the movie The Departed. So when it came I asked Sean, before opening it up, if we should keep it or should I send it back and get my $20 back? He said it was supposed to be a good movie, keep it. IT SUCKED! I think you have to be a fan of The Godfather and mob movies like that which I am not. Can't stand The Sopranos either. Not sure if it's because I grew up in NJ, always hearing about The Stavolas and growing up with guidos and bennies or what. I just can't stand those types of movies. So we watched the movie with my parents last week while we were in Jacksonville and guess who stayed up and watched all 151 minutes of it and who fell asleep? You guessed it, my mom and I watched it and my dad and Sean slept. When I start a movie, I have to finish it….that's the ocd, anal retentiveness of me I guess. But my dad and my husband falling asleep should give you some kind of clue as to how good the movie is. Especially since they like “those type” of movies.

King of Queens….

Sean and I LOVE the CBS show King of Queens. It's so funny and so many things that happen on that show we can relate to somehow. When we heard this was going to be it's final season and last night was the first of 7 new shows before the end we knew we had to watch it. So we watched last nights and it actually got me a bit annoyed. It was about their best friends buying a vacation home for themselves and all Carrie and Doug were was jealous. Instead of being happy for their friends all they cared about was how their friends got the money to buy it when they say they make more money then them, yet they don't have a vacation home. It just got me thinking about people I know that can't be happy for others and that's so sad. I got irritated actually. They acted so childish in the show….all over money. When instead they should have just been happy for their friends.

The much awaited….

pictures from our weekend in NJ this past February with Kim and family and friends. Seeing these pictures makes me miss you all even more!!!!! Distance sucks!

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