Rain, rain…

I'm loving the rain today. It's just one of those rainy days. We haven't had rain in so long, it was nice to wake up to the sound of it this morning. It made me want to stay in bed though and not have to start the day. It's still raining now in fact. We SO need it. Sean is on his way home too which will be nice. He said it was pouring where they were working in St. Pete. And the other nice thing is, we have nowhere we have to be tonight. No soccer……nothing.
Took Caelie to the dr. in the morning and he said it's nothing contagious or virus like….just an inflamation. I'm wondering if it's the different laundry detergent my mom uses. It had started a bit last week but we thought it was just prickly heat. But when I saw this morning it was all over her neck, in her ear, on her eyes, I thought I better get it checked. So we're just putting cortisone cream on the rash and I gave her Benadryl to stop the itch. Wondering if it will make her sleepy and she might take a much needed nap….man was she cranky about an hour ago.


and no I don't mean our weekend. LOL Last Friday Sean and I watched the movie Beerfest and it was AWFUL! We might have laughed a few times, but for the most part it stunk! They did play alot of drinking games which brought back alot of college memories. Games like President (or asshole to some), Thumper, Beer Pong, quarters, Chandeliers, etc. But to anyone that hasn't seen it yet, don't waste your time or your money!

Back to the grind….

After an AWESOME spring break in Jacksonville and an awesome weekend this past weekend with friends and just us, it's back to school today for the kids. Well, except for Caelie. She's got some rash all over her neck and eyes and now her back so I'm going to try and get her in to see the dr. today. She says her throat hurts too which everytime she's got strep, she seems to get a rash so I'm wondering. We'll see what the dr. says.

Some people….

never cease to amaze and disgust me. And I mean people all around me. (Not here in Jacksonville obviously).
Kim, I MISS YOU! I miss your common sense, your intuition, I miss YOU! (Although Sean and you are right on so I need to just listen to him even if I don't like what he says because the 2 of you are always right). I hate the fucking games, the 2 facedness. (I'll call you this week. I'm fine, just…….ugh!) I'm just….done.

Easter 2005 Pics…

I found them. These are pics from the Easter we spent with Kim and her family. The kids look so little. The first few are of my kids dying easter eggs in our old house in NJ. It's weird to be looking at those. The rest are of Easter spent at our dear friends'.
Kim, Kieran was looking at them with me and I pointed at Kevin and asked him who that was. He goes “Mommy, it's Pop!”. LOL So I said “no, look again” and he knew who it was. Then I pointed at Liv and asked him who is that? He says “It's Caelie”.

Read an awesome article…

a few weeks ago in my Real Simple magazine that I think every woman should read. And since reading it I've tried to apply it to my life. It used to be where I'd read something either in someone's blog or by a facial expression or read too much into what someone would say and then fret about it for hours, sometimes even days….and not sleep because of it. And in the end it would turn out that I made much more out of it then really was the case. So, since reading this article I've tried very hard to apply it to me. And I'm slowly getting there. It's hard, I'm 35 years old…..set in my ways….stubborn. But I am getting there. I figure, if someone has a problem with me, they'll come to me about it. If not, then it either wasn't that big of a deal or our friendship isn't what I thought it was and I've learned a lesson. And no, nothing is going on right now…..I just really learned alot from this article and thought I'd share. We all have our moments of immaturity, all have outbursts, that's human nature. I don't know anyone that hasn't. But this article just taught me how to react to things in a different way! And that not everything is as it seems or you think it might be.


Don't you just love it when you're going through mail from a few days ago (mail you forgot to open) and you find a notice from your utility company saying it hasn't been paid and is 45 days overdue. And if you don't pay by such and such a day your service will be terminated? That day was yesterday. And as far as I know we still have water. ARGH! And of course the utility company is antiquated in that you can't pay it online. AND they close at 4. I opened the letter at 4:15. So, I will either be hopefully paying it over the phone tomorrow (which I don't think you can do), or telling them the check is in the mail (which I hope they'll say ok to) OR driving way out of my way to pay it so we still have water when we get back from Jax next week.
Why do I have to be the bill payer??????

Geeky Speaky….

Have you heard of this new forum? It's called Geeky Speaky and it's a great new place to go. In fact, I was on there already twice today getting tips and help for my blogs and just a general question I had. And each question was answered. It also has all the paid blogging companies listed on there as well. So for those of you that think there's just Payperpost, Blogitive and Blogsvertise, think again. Everyone on the forum also shares their tips, ideas and even some strategies they may use for each paid to blog company. Or if you have just a general tech question, Geeky Speaky is the place to go. It is afterall a forum on a tech blog.
My question today was about those little pictures you see up at the top box where you type the url to a website in. I wanted to know what it was and how to get it on my pages. My question was answered quite quickly actually. For those of you that would also like the answer to my question, you'll find it at the Geeky Speaky forums. See you there!

Bedtime? Now???

Is it…is it bedtime yet? Can it be NOW? I am SO tired. I have gotten next to no sleep this entire week. And it's not 100% my allergies. I thought all the working out I'd done this week at the Y would have helped me sleep alot better. But no, I've gotten maybe 2-3 hours a night. I'm beat! There's nothing on my mind, nothing I'm worried about so it's nothing like that. I just can't stay asleep! And I won't be getting much sleep at my parents house being our “wonderful” dog will be in her crate in our room. Oh the JOYS of having a dog.

Bought yet another domain….

but I'm not releasing it until I have it set up. It's for my Spicer Family blog. I want it off of blogger. My friend Kim had come up with some cute names like lifeospice.com or spiceoflife.com but they're already taken. So, still using spice in it I came up with another cute one for the family blog. Now just need to get to work on it setting it up.

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