Family Busch Gardens Day…

Sean took the day off (since he hasn’t had a day off in forever) and we declared yesterday Family Day at Busch Gardens. (Even though we did end up bringing one of Caelie’s friends.)

Such a fun, relaxing day! No rush to get home for soccer practice (even though Caelie did have it that night – we let her take a break from it considering it it Spring Break). We went and watched the chimps and the gorillas and got a fun lesson learned – did you know they catch their poop in their hands and then eat it????? F’IN GROSS!!!!!! The best and funniest part of the whole thing (and what had everyone else their watching laughing) were Caelie and her friend. They were so disgusted the comments coming out of their mouths made everyone there laugh. (And if you know my daughter you know she has no filter….neither does her friend.)


This picture I just had to take. It’s Tristan thinking he’s till 5 years old and can actually fit in this guy! Some kids never grow up! ;-)


Whirlwind of a summer…

Where has it gone? We have one month today of summer left and I feel like we haven’t gotten half of what we wanted to do done!

Summer of course starts out with soccer tryouts that last week of school. Then the following week are soccer meetings after your kids has made the team. Soccer (kind of) ends at that point for about a month (see below post). Each kid then gets a week at my parents house alone with them. Kieran went first, followed by Caelie and Tristan is currently there and will be home tomorrow. The kids and I also spent one week at my parents because my mom signed all 3 kids up for tennis camp (which they LOVED – now just trying to find a way to fit weekly tennis lessons into our soccer schedule – HA!).

Throw ins sleepovers, Caelie’s soccer camp at USF the week of June 13th, camping for 2 nights at Fort DeSoto with soccer friends, going to see the last shuttle launch (FUN) and Busch Gardens and I guess you get to today!

And now that soccer has started back up day trips aren’t so easy anymore. Plus the kids and I have to go back to my parents July 31st because my mom has knee surgery August 1st and I want to be there to help out for a few days.

Before we know it summer will be over. :-(

Cheetah Hunt!!!!

The new attraction/ride at Busch Gardens is Cheetah Hunt. And Tristan and I got to ride it twice within 2 days. And what we’re most psyched about is that we got on it before my brother did – 1st time ever! Now it’s not a scary ride if you ask me. Sheikra and Kumba are still my all time faves! But it is a fun ride. They say it’s about 3 1/2 minutes long – um……no….I timed it. It’s about a 1 1/2 minutes. Maybe they’re talking about the 3 1/2 minutes being from the time you sit in your seat, buckle your belt, take off and get out of your seat. But the ride itself is not 3 1/2! You only go upside down once and it’s more like a spin then a loop. The 1st time we went on it I liked it but wasn’t that impressed. I definitely liked it the 2nd time more for some reason.

If you’re a roller coaster lover like me you gotta try it!

Wordless Wednesday #31

This was taken at Busch Gardens in Tampa. I absolutely LOVE just sitting and watching these guys! Beautiful creatures! Moreso then the dumbass people who come up to the glass and either start scratching their armpits or trying to make monkey noises. I wonder what the gorillas think of them! LOL

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Wordless Wednesday #30

Went to Busch Gardens yesterday with the kids and my brother. Caelie (2nd from left), my daughter, is riding Kumba for the very 1st time when this picture was taken. LOVE her expression! And Tristan, (1st one on right) – his expression is just as priceless – especially considering that wasn’t his 1st time on that ride. Oh and yes, that’s me in between Tristan and Caelie. :)

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Wordless Wednesday #29

I took this at Busch Gardens when Caelie and I went on our “Cool Mom Day 2″ adventure. (I took her out of school for the day and we went to Busch Gardens). Love this picture. They’re both eyeing each other up! Lucky there’s a piece of really thick glass in between them! ;)

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Thankful for 5 Friday 6/4/2010

1. Soccer tryouts almost over – 2 more nights. Been up there every night this week since Tuesday night!

2. A “last lunch” with friends today (kind of like a “last supper”) since school gets out next Wednesday.

3. My mom calling and saying she’s coming next week for a few days and then will be taking one of the kids back with her for their “week with Nana and Pop”.

4. Once soccer tryouts are done and we have the meetings next week we will be done with soccer (and even tennis) until the end of July!!!! Looking forward to a much needed break!

5. Being able to spend those days alone with each kid last week at Busch Gardens. It meant alot to each of them I know and it meant alot to me too. :)

“Cool mom” day 3!

So in all the craziness the past week has brought me I forgot to write about my “cool mom” day number 3. Which was a fun day with my youngest – Kieran!

We ended up at Busch Gardens (3rd time for me in 3 days and although I love it there I was getting tired of the fried chicken fingers!!!!). Just getting into the park though was crazy – it took us an hour! Took 30 minutes between parking, getting the tram and getting to the front gates and then another 30 minutes just to get through the front gates. That has never happened to me before – then again I don’t think I’ve ever been the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend when alot of people take off from work for an extended weekend holiday. Plus there were bus loads galore from schools on fields trips.

We finally got in and went right to the Scorpion roller coaster which we rode twice. Then it was off to Cheetah Chase and after that the carousel. By now it was time for lunch. After lunch though was the best time ever – Kieran decided then he wanted to go and watch the 3D Elmo show. He’s 8 years old remember – but still a young kid at heart! So we went (with me having to promise not to tell Caelie or Kieran for fear they would make fun of him). And he loved it. He was so cute giggling and laughing throughout the show. The end choked me up though because I forgot how at the end of each Elmo show Elmo would say “Elmo loves you”. That made me cry! I miss those days of watching those shows with my kids.

After the show we took a ride on the Sky Ride and then it was time to come home.

I’m so glad I took those 3 days to spend time with each kid individually. They grow up way too quickly and soon enough, won’t want to spend time with mommy. :(

“Cool mom” day 2!

I posted yesterday about my “cool mom” day one and today was day 2! Today was Caelie’s day and she chose to go to Busch Gardens (I am tried of eating the chicken platter 2 days in a row now – lol – we get it because it’s huge there so we can share – therefor saving money).

She had alot of fun and we did different rides today then I did yesterday with Tristan. (I brought her over to Montu to show her what it was like and she decided she’s not ready for it just yet – plus we had just eaten lunch – not a good idea!) Today we rode Scorpion twice, the carousel, Cheetah Chase, Sky Ride and Wild Surge. It was nice to have a day with just her.

We talked alot and laughed alot and so far when I asked both Tristan and Caelie at the end of our days together what their favorite part of the day was, there answer was – “being with you mommy”. That’s all I need to hear! :)

“Cool mom”

So I was dubbed today by my oldest as a “cool mom” because I let him play hooky from school so we could spend some time at Busch Gardens. I had told him after Christmas break that if he kept his grades up and wasn’t absent too much that at the end of the year he’d get rewarded. And all year he’s had AWESOME grades and wasn’t sick that much at all.

We had a blast! Got on 2 rides (which I knew wouldn’t hurt my herniated disc) – Sheikra and Montu (rode Montu twice because there was no line). Rode the Sky Ride as well and had lunch at the Crown Colony Restaurant. We also saw some of the animals and it looked like the lions had a feast on a bird – there were white feathers all throughout their den. Glad we didn’t see that!!!!!

We were only there for 3 hours but it was still nice to spend some alone time with my oldest! We don’t get to do that often enough. Tomorrow is Caelie’s turn – not sure what she wants to do or where she wants to go just yet.

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