My weekend away…

was JUST what I needed!!!! Jenn got here Friday about 4 and we left soon after. Laughing and chatting the whole way out. As soon as we left my neighborhood I could feel the stress and tension I’d been feeling slip away!

Not sure what time we got there but as soon as we walked into the lobby for the resort I knew it was the right place to be. The entire place is so nature like! And what’s funny is the guy couldn’t find our reservation at first and normally both of us would have freaked out. But neither one of us did. I just kept looking around the lobby at all the neat nature-like decorations and just knew it would be ok.

We got to our room and had our first “duh” moment of the weekend. I put the key in and it wouldn’t work (not thinking to look for the arrow on the key 1st). Then Jenn tried it and still it wouldn’t work. So we thought we’d have to go back down to the lobby for him to rekey it. Then she got the idea to actually look at the directions on the key and it finally worked. We were giggling and laughing the whole time.

The room was gorgeous! It was a 2 bedroom suite with a den and a kitchen and I loved the color of the walls. I’m guessing they were like a sage green? Whatever color it was I am determined to find it so I can paint one of our bathrooms that color. I immediately fell in love with one painting of a dragonfly (which seemed to be the theme of our weekend) and that painting I’ve found online and intend to get as soon as I can.

We weren’t in the room long before we decided we were starving and very thirsty so we headed on over to the H2O bar and were surprised to see it wasn’t packed at all. Tiny, but not packed. The actual bar itself was so cool. Just take a lookie at the pic below and you’ll see what I mean.


Yes, that is water underneath the bar!!!!! SO FREAKIN’ COOL!!!! We were both wondering how we could do that to our kitchen counters back home. Who wouldn’t want to cook on something like that???? So relaxing!!!!

Once we got over the actual water bar, we started with beer and chicken wings which were so crispy and good!!!!! By this time the bar started filling up and since it was karaoke night people were singing. Then, the really drunk girl in the hot pink dress (who sat at a table with her face literally in a drink slurping it all down in about a second) stumbled in and started singing with a group of women and that was our cue to go and find Chili’s. Which we did with the use of her Tom-Tom (and I want one now!!!). We ended up closing Chili’s (which we usually do anyway) and I’m not sure what time we got home but I had an awesome sleep that night! And, from what it looked like, I must have slept in both the double beds in my bedroom because the next morning both beds sheets were a mess. I do remember waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to find the bedroom door to get to the bathroom and cursing to myself. LOL The room was so incredibly dark – it was awesome. Something I need to do to my bedroom here – there is far too much light in there. No wonder I can’t sleep some nights.

So that’s the end of day one. That was our party night and party we did. We had some great conversations that night at Chili’s too – some of which I am still kind of working on. :)

Been a while…

since I’ve blogged. Not having any computer of any kind lately has seriously sucked. Laptop was dead and the other 2 computers in my house were so slow it took me an hour to print up concert tickets the other day! You don’t know HOW frustrating that was. (And, in the end…the concert was postponed so I didn’t even need to print them up yet).

But, just this past Saturday my brother was here (to help celebrate Caelie’s 9th birthday) and being the computer guru he is, he scrubbed my one computer and it now works wonderfully! Yay!!!! Problem still is sitting at it too long hurts the herniated disc in my neck. But I can’t complain – it’s better then nothing!

Sean came home last Thursday from North Dakota and we all had a really great weekend. And it actually went by nice and slow. As soon as I picked him up from the airport on Thursday we had to go right to the fields since all 3 kids were at soccer practice (my parents took them thankfully). And Thursday night he and I stayed up until about 2:30 or so. Mostly talking about…..c’mon…….guess…….soccer! He’s now wishing we had gone with my 1st instinct 2 months ago which was to pull all 3 kids and go to another club completely. It’s still not too late to do it. I seriously hate it up there! And Sean used to think it was just because of what happened with Tristan. He finally listened to me Thursday night and realizes what I meant back then.

Friday was Caelie’s 9th Birthday so we went to Busch Gardens with Charlie, Syndi and Nana and Pop and had an awesome day!

Saturday they all came here and we celebrated with an awesome meal (we tried 3 or 4 new recipes which I will type up on here). Our neighbors son came over for cake and around midnight Charlie and my parents left. We sent our neighbors son home around 2am and then the two of us ended up out on the back porch until 3:30. It was one of those weekends you don’t want to go to bed because you don’t want it to end.

Sunday, Sean and I were supposed to go to the Coldplay concert but it got postponed due to medical reasons. So now we’re just waiting to see when the new date will be and hoping we’ll be able to go. If not, I better be able to get my money back! Instead of the concert we went to Chili’s (alone) for dinner and had a nice couple of hours alone.

Today Tristan left with Nana and Pop to go back to Jax and have his week alone up there and the younger two and I took Sean to the airport so he could go back to work in North Dakota for another month and a half. He keeps saying he could be home the beginning of September but I seriously wish he wouldn’t tell me that. It only gets my hopes up and when it doesn’t happen it sucks!

Kieran’s flag football practice for tonight got cancelled (YAY) so I think we’ll have breakfast for dinner and maybe watch a movie! Now that both the competitive soccer season and the flag football have started we’re up at the fields 4 nights a week plus Saturdays for the flag football games. So tonight, being it’s a “freebie” we’re going to take advantage of it!

Hangover hell!

Is what I was in today. I met my friend at Chili’s last night for dinner. We got there about 6:30 and didn’t leave until 11:30? I always have so much fun when I go out with her, but last night was one of the best. I’m feeling it today though. I did nothing all day but watch TV in bed. It was actually kind of nice once my headache subsided.

Sean’s now sick with whatever it was the kids had. But he’s a trooper and still working. Not sure how, but he is. (He doesn’t get paid sick days and even if he did he’s not one of those wussies that goes home with the sniffles.) So I’ve got soccer duty tonight.

On my way to lunch…

in a few minutes to meet the same friends that I hung out with last night. We’re going to Chili’s.

Had so much fun last night. Kieran’s concert was so cute. It was a Sesame Street theme and he was just adorable. It only lasted 20 minutes though so I was off to my friends house earlier then I thought. And it was a fun night filled with lots of laughs. A friend of ours just started selling Thirty One so a bunch of us are having parties for her (myself included) to help her get her business up and running. I got home around 12:30. :P

We’ve already made lunch plans for Cinco DeMayo next week too. Can’t wait!!!!!

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