Christmas lists…

I am almost done with the kids! I have maybe 2-3 more things to get and then I am done. I’m done with Syndi (my brothers girlfriend) and I’m done with my dad. I think I”m done with my mom and I need a few more things for Sean. Then there’s my brother – I have 1 thing. He supposedly has a list (which you aren’t supposed to deviate from) but hasn’t sent it to me yet. Hoping there’s nothing on it that I have to buy online – if there is it’s getting kind of close to the big day and I refuse to pay extra shipping to have it shipped quickly.

The kids will be surprised with their gifts. My parents are taking all of us to Cocoa Beach New Years Day for a few days so we can explore Cape Canaveral. Can’t wait for that (and shhhhh for anyone that reads this and talks to my kids – it’s a surprise!). Tristan is finally getting a TV for his room. We found a nice one that will go on his wall. Now to just get the stuff needed for it as in the thing to attach it to the wall, HDMI cables if needed (which I have no idea) and a another Verizon Fios box. He’s getting some Play Station games and some other stuff as well. Caelie’s getting a skate board and Lego’s and DS games. Kieran’s getting a Bumble Bee Transformer, DS games and other stuff. All 3 are getting huge, really cool Nerf guns! Can’t wait to see their faces with those. Should make for a fun Christmas Day!

2011 Vacations?

I see one possible vacation next year and that would be for the kids spring break – maybe down in Longboat Key or somewhere like that. It would be more like a “stay-cation” if anything.

My parents are actually giving us all a little trip the beginning of the year. January 1st, 2011 the plan is to go over to Cocoa Beach for 3-4 days and visit Cape Canaveral and that area. But shhh as it’s a surprise for the kids – part of their Christmas gift.

Other then that it’s just a short spring break vacation (big maybe) for 2011 with my parents. I’d love to do another Outer Banks vacation next year but it’s just not in the cards (unless of course we win the lottery from now until then). ;) I know Sean’s mom is coming possibly next May and he’s already promised her he would save some of his vacation days to spend with her. So those days and then the ones for Cape Canaveral eat into his vacation. It sucks, but he only gets a week vacation every 6 months and he’s not “supposed” to take them back to back even if we waited to use them that way.

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