What started as a crappy morning…

turns into one of much happiness!!!!

It all started with Caelie being home sick. It’s been such a great school year when it comes to kids being sick – they haven’t been! I think they’ve finally adjusted to the Florida weather (after 4 years of living here) and thankfully haven’t been as sick this school year as they have the past 3! But Caelie has a yucky head cold and fever so I kept her home today.

Next, I’m going through my emails and I see some from soccer that I’m just so done with! I’m tired of people who volunteer, but then throw it back in everyone else’s faces. That is so NOT the meaning of “volunteer” in my book. I want to yell at these people to just shut the F@!# UP!!!!! Add in the fact that ALOT of people are not only done with soccer right now (even though it’s not over yet) and ALOT are discouraged with the way the soccer club has been run the past year (and I don’t blame them at all)  and there’s going to be alot more complaining about the same people volunteering – BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!

Then Sean calls saying he just got a phone call that he’s been put on call for storm duty! HUH??? There’s no hurricanes this time of year! BUT there ARE major ice storms and apparently Arkansas just got hit pretty badly! SO, he could be gone for three weeks the end of this month meaning he’ll not only miss his birthday yet again, but also Kieran’s. AND Caelie’s soccer team (the team he coaches) is in a soccer tournament one of those weeks that he could be gone – which is the same time I’m away with Tristan for the Region C soccer cup. I’m going to have to be magical yet again and be in two completely different places at once. Hmmmm, let’s see if I can remember how I did it last time! And while I feel very lucky, in todays financial world/status that my husband still has his job; him being away still plays alot on my emotions and my abilities as being a single parent for the time he is away. I know I can do it (and will) – it’s just always such a shock to me at first when he gets these phone calls.

As a good friend put it, (who was also frustrated with people this morning), “It seems like all crazy stuff happens at once and you just feel bombarded.”

I haven’t had a morning like this in a long time because most days I don’t let it get to me anymore. I hate days that start out like this. But it did get to me this morning and I let the emotions run like wildfire. But then I got an email from one of my best friends and that turned my morning completely around!

Our annual reunion with Kim and her family to OBX was just booked this morning. (Thanks Kim for doing it yet again!) We are going for a week in April and I CANNOT wait!!!!!! April can’t get here soon enough!!!!!

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